Self-Wash Info

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Our #1 priority is making Self-Wash customers safe and secure. We have a monitored alarm system and camera system running 24/7, and we are a cash free workplace. Make yourself comfortable.

phone app driven

no quarters, no problem. Our laundry equipment uses coins or the speed queen app. use the app to get alerts when your laundry is complete!


New equipment

Only the best speed queen equipment will do. all machines brand new, placed in service in 2020!

Neighborhood Driven

We are proud to be a part of the North Omaha, Minne-Lusa and Florence communities. We want the neighborhood to thrive and we'll do our part to promote the community and its residents!

Vended Pricing

For Reference, 8-10lb = 1 home equipment top load washer


pre-load sanitation rinse is no charge. rate is for any water temperature. additional options like heavy washes and speed cycles available for an extra fee.
  • $3.00 / 20 LB Front Load
  • $4.00 / 30 LB Front Load
  • $5.50 / 40 LB Front Load
  • $8.00 / 60 LB Front Load
  • $10.00 / 80 LB Front Load
brand new!


Dryer prices include first 30 minutes. Need more time? add $0.25 per 5 minutes to the end of the cycle!
  • $1.50 / 30 LB tumbler
  • $2.25 / 45 LB tumbler
  • $4.00 / 70 LB tumbler
brand new!

7410 N 30th Street 
Omaha, NE 68112

Our hours

7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Monday – Sunday

Last Wash 9:00 PM

Contact us

Phone: 402.925.3444

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Dear Customers, we want EVERYONE’s experience and time to be respected at The Laundry Room.

In an effort to effectively communicate what you can expect at our establishment, we are going to put a few policies in writing so you can determine if we are an establishment you would like to use.

A) No Laundry Room attendant EVER should recommend using a machine size, cycle, or product that hurts the customer’s pocketbook without providing appropriate value. (If we see you under-filling, or over-filling a machine and give you advice, it should NEVER be to maximize our revenue, it should ONLY be to ensure you are using the right equipment for the best experience.)

B) Though obviously our attendants like tips, TIPS are NEVER an obligation at The Laundry Room nor should our service ever vary dependent upon receiving a tip.

C) The “Golden Rule” applies to EVERYONE in our laundromat. Failure to treat others with respect (customer to attendant, attendant to attendant, attendant to customer, customer to customer) may result in being banned from our establishment. Racially insensitive, gender insensitive, and sexuality insensitive comments are prohibited as well as acts meant to mock, intimidate, demean, or disrespect others. It takes us all to adhere to this to make a nice friendly place to do your laundry. 99% of people adhere to this. The other 1% can go somewhere else and make space for those of us who appreciate positive dialogue and mutually beneficial relationships.

D) The Laundry Room reserves the right to remove customer’s articles from a washer or dryer if: 1. A customer is waiting for a machine of the same size and all other machines of that size are in use. 2. A machine has been left unattended / unused for more than 1 hour.

Regarding: D)#1 above, in no instance should a customer need to wait more than 15 minutes to use a machine that has completed it’s cycle but not been emptied by the previous customer. At our discretion, we may empty a washer or dryer immediately after the cycle completes to prevent future customers from waiting.

The customer AFTER you is AS IMPORTANT as you are.   Their TIME is AS IMPORTANT as your time. Most customer’s understand and appreciate this, but occasionally this has created tension. 

Again, mutual respect between all parties is the goal.

If we find there is a need to add / alter / edit these policies, we will do so.

To the 99.9% of amazing humans that make The Laundry Room a great, safe, and clean place to launder your clothes, thank you so very much for your continued support! Happy washing!